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Glutathione Vitamin Therapy



What is Glutathione Vitamin Therapy?

Glutathione is a super antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. It is present already in our bodies but many of us don’t have enough. Replace your low levels of Glutathione with a quick and easy IV treatment.

How Much Does Glutathione Vitamin Therapy cost?

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200 Milligram shot



600 milligram



6mL (1,2000 milligram)



10 mL (2,000 milligrams)



10 mL (1,400 mgs of glutathione & 1,500 mgs of Vitamin C)



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What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a molecule naturally produced by the liver and is used to build and repair tissue, make proteins and chemicals needed for the body, and assists the immune system. Glutathione is also found in vegetables, fruits, and meats in low quantities.

What health conditions is Glutathione therapy used for?

Healthcare professionals use glutathione to treat a variety of health conditions. Glutathione given as a shot, push, or IV detoxifies the liver and body while improving the quality of your skin, mood, hair, and overall health. Glutathione has been known to help improve anemia, low energy, recovery time after exercising, dull skin, hangovers, muscle building, weight loss, and dehydration! Glutathione is given in a variety of other forms for different illnesses. Healthcare professionals administer Glutathione by IV to prevent anemia in patients undergoing hemodialysis, treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, prevent kidney issues after heart bypass surgery, improve blood flow and decrease clotting for individuals with atherosclerosis, treat symptoms of diabetes, and avoid the toxic side effects that come with chemotherapy. Glutathione is given by shot to treat male infertility and to prevent the side effects of chemotherapy. Glutathione is also given in an aerosolized form or by mouth for a variety of different conditions.

What is the difference between Glutathione therapy IV and a Glutathione shot?

A shot is injected into the muscle with a syringe, and the process can take less than five minutes’ however, shots do not provide hydration. An IV inputs larger amounts of vitamins directly to the bloodstream and provides hydration over 30 to 45 minutes, allowing for immediate absorption of vitamins.

What Is A Vitamin Push?

A vitamin push is a concentrated dose of vitamins delivered by the IV in your vein. A push does not provide hydration. It is ideal for someone who wants something quick and easy!

Do I need to prepare for glutathione therapy?

No preparations are needed!

Does Glutathione therapy hurt?

The IV insertion may be slightly painful; however, it will only last a few seconds. The push or infusion will be painless. With the shot, you will feel a pinch and then slight pressure. It will be over before you feel much!

What are the side effects of glutathione therapy?

There are no side effects, and it is considered GRAS, generally regarded as safe, by the FDA.

Is there any downtime from glutathione therapy?

No downtime is required with vitamin therapy! You can return to your normal routine!

Who cannot receive glutathione vitamin therapy?

People that are receiving chemotherapy should not receive glutathione therapy without consulting their oncologist because it can cause chemotherapy to be less effective.

Is glutathione therapy safe?

Yes! The FDA considers glutathione therapy to be GRAS, or generally regarded as safe.

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