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Sublative Torrance

Stimulate New Collagen Growth

Sublative RF uses fractionated bi-polar radio frequency (RF) technology. It is designed to treat wrinkles, acne scars, and textural imperfections of the skin. The radio frequency is directed into the skin in the form of a matrix. Sublative RF is an ideal rejuvenating treatment for all skin types.

A warm, prickly sensation is sometimes felt as the energy enters the skin. A topical numbing cream prior to treatment may be applied to reduce discomfort. After the treatment, the skin will be pink or red and may feel similar to a sun burn. Tiny scabs will usually form 24-72 hours after treatment and may remain on the skin for several days. They will shed off naturally. A follow up appointment is recommended for evaluation of the treatment area.

After the a Sublative RF treatment, new collagen is produced creating smoother and a more elastic skin texture. For best results, 3-5 treatments are recommended 4-6 weeks apart. The number of treatments will depend on the individual’s skin condition. Maintenance sessions are also recommended every 6 months.

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