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Latisse Torrance

Fuller, longer, darker lashes in 16 weeks.

Latisse® (Bimatoprost Othalmic Solution 0.03%) is a treatment administered from home for thin or insufficient lashes (Hypotrichosis). Latisse® helps you grow longer, fuller, and darker lashes.

Latisse® is a safe and effective treatment. It is the first and only FDA approved solution to grow eyelashes. Approximately 4 million kits have been sold worldwide.

We sit down with you and teach you the steps to correctly apply Latisse®. For best results, it should be applied daily. Recommended use is 16 weeks.

For instructions on how to apply Latisse, please view these instructions: How to Apply Latisse

To learn more about what Latisse® can do for you. Visit the Latisse® Website

We ensure the procedure is appropriate for you before we administer treatment.

Please call Skin Works Medical Spa for a complimentary consultation (844) 759-6757.