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Hormone Therapy Torrance

Balanced hormones are necessary for good health and disease prevention. Hormones pretty much dictate every part of your life: your reaction to stress, digestion, metabolism, sleep, reproduction, tissue function, your state of mind and more. Although often overlooked, hormones are one of the most important causes of weight problems.

It is very important to carefully monitor your hormones and to take action when something goes wrong.

Hormone therapy is considered to be one of the most effective treatments for many symptoms, including lack of energy, fatigue, mood swings, water retention, difficulty sleeping at night, anxiety, depression, inability to lose weight, low sex drive and more. Hormonal therapy is especially popular among menopausal women.

Bioidentical hormones are synthetically derived hormones, molecularly identical to the ones produced naturally by human body.

Bioidentical hormone therapy helps relieve the symptoms related to hormonal imbalance. If you think you might be the right candidate for hormonal therapy, make sure that you are working closely with an experienced clinician.

If you are looking for the best, safest hormone therapy in Torrance, Redondo Beach, South Bay and surrounding areas, visit Skin Works Med Spa or give us a call! Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions and help you decide whether hormonal therapy is the right solution for you.