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Belotero Torrance

Belotero Balance® is comprised of a particularly smooth Hyaluronic Acid gel that is formulated to effectively bind to the skins existing water. It smoothly fills in moderate to severe lines and wrinkles to make a subtle, yet noticeable rejuvenation.

In contrast to products like Botox® and other neurotoxins which diminish the appearance of facial lines by temporarily reducing the action of dynamic facial muscles, Belotero Balance does not paralyze any muscles, but rather fills in unpleasant wrinkles and lines with silky Hyaluronic Acid gel.

Treatment Areas & Results

Belotero Balance® is appropriate to soften the appearance of moderate-to-severe wrinkles and lines around the mouth, including prominent smile lines (nasolabial folds) and thin lines that appear above and around the lips. Belotero Balance® is a great option for volumizing the lips giving a soft subtle look. It is also appropriate for treating dark circles and hollowness under the eyes (tear trough).

The skin-smoothing results of Belotero Balance® injections will be immediately noticeable after the session. On average, Belotero Balance® results have been shown to last about 6 months or more. Follow-up treatments are recommended to maintain skin-smoothing results.

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