Cortisone Shot

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What is Cortisone Shot?

A Cortisone injection is a quick treatment to rapidly reduce the inflammation of an acne cyst. Healing and reduction of inflammation of the cyst occur immediately or within 24 hours. A small amount of diluted cortisone is injected by a medical professional in office. It’s best to receive immediate treatment for deep acne cyst because scarring or discoloration can occur if left untreated.

How Much Does Cortisone Shot cost?

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Cortisone Shot

$45 (1-3 areas)


Cortisone Shot

$70 (3-7 areas)


Cortisone Shot

$85 (7-10 areas)


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What can I expect when I get a cortisone shot?

A highly skilled medical professional will insert a tiny needle with medical precision near or in the bump to inject a diluted cortisone solution. The procedure only takes a few minutes and reduces inflammation quickly, resulting in keloid scars or pimples that become smaller and less noticeable within hours of the injection.

Will my bump go away completely?

Yes. The bump at the treatment site should recede and become completely flat in less than 24 hours.

Can I use cortisone shots regularly?

While it may be tempting to get cortisone shots regularly, cortisone shots should only be received when you cannot extract the contents of the bump. For example, if you have a pimple come up right before a special event and need to get rid of it or if a pimple is causing pain and swelling, then treatment would be warranted.

Who can get a cortisone shot?

If you have a pimple that you cannot treat at home or keloid scarring that is new or years old, then a cortisone shot may be right for you!

Who cannot receive a cortisone shot?

Cortisone shots are only effective for pimples when you cannot “pop” them. These pimples do not head into a bump and are cystic in nature. Unless cortisone is injected, you will have to wait for these swollen acne pimples to shrink on their own. Cortisone shots may never be used on bumps that can easily be treated with a facial or removed by extraction. Prior to the procedure, do not manipulate or pick at the affected areas, as this may delay treatment. Let your medical professional know if you have recently undergone a cosmetic procedure.

Are there any risks associated with a cortisone shot?

Rarely, a divot or indentation can occur and cause a sunken appearance when too much cortisone is injected; however, if this occurs, it will resolve within a few weeks to several months.

How much time will I need to recover after a cortisone shot?

You should not need any time to recover. You will typically notice the swelling go down immediately.

Can I wear makeup after my treatment?

Before applying makeup, clean the area with a normal facial cleanser. Wait at least a few hours before applying makeup to the treated area.


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