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In your 20s you’ll likely start to notice the first signs of aging. Teeny, tiny, fine lines appear first, and over time wrinkles, sun spots, and dullness. While you can’t stop aging, this is the time that you will want to commit to a plan to slow it down.
Dr. Tahsini from Skinworks Medical Spa Torrance, California, will break down the three aging signs you shouldn’t overlook and will recommend three ways how to slow aging with the best anti aging skin treatments.

Fine lines

Our skin is our largest and most delicate organ. So it’s never too early to start taking care of it with a proper skincare and anti-aging routine.

The first noticeable sign of aging is fine lines and wrinkles. These small expression lines tend to become noticeable at the outer corners of the eyes, also known as laughter lines. Fine lines can also be found on the cheeks and the forehead. Smaller, vertical lines between the brows are caused by frowning. It’s a major bummer to see your makeup settling into fine lines.

Dr. Tahsini from Skin Works Medical Spa, Torrance, is a firm believer in what he refers to as the “stitch in time saves nine” theory, by which early, proactive efforts slow aging and reduce the need for invasive procedures later. According to the Torrance, California based dermatologist Botox is best used as a preventative measure to avoid getting fine lines and wrinkles. It works by relaxing the muscle; once relaxed, it relaxes the overlying skin, so you don’t get wrinkles. Results can be noticed within 24 to 48 hours after treatment.”

How to know if you are a candidate for Botox?

If you’re in your mid-20s or your 30s with fine lines even when your skin is relaxed, you’re a candidate for Botox. To find out more if Botox is right for you, you can request a free consultation with Dr. Tahsini here.


As we age, our cell-turnover rate slows down. The top layer of the skin becomes dull and we lose our glow. For noticeable and immediate results, the Hydrating Facial in Skin Works Medical Spa, Torrance, is one of the best anti-aging skin treatments. It is a hydrating procedure that includes cleansing, extraction of impurities, exfoliation, antioxidant infusions, and hydration. The result is clearer, beautiful, and more youthful skin. The procedure involves no downtime and no discomfort for the patient since it is non-invasive in nature. Learn more here.

Drooping and sagging

Young skin gets its plump, firm look thanks to collagen and elastin, that provide structure for your face. Once the production of these compounds begins to slow, skin begins to look stretched, typically around the jaw and cheeks. “To pump the collagen and elastin back up you can try a Laser Genesis treatment. This treatment improves the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. It works by heating up the upper dermis, supplying heat to dilated capillaries. Most patients require 4-6 treatment in order to achieve optimal results.” – recommends Dr. Tahsini.

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At Skin Works Medical Spa, Torrance, we understand your desire to look your absolute best. We specialize in anti-aging and overall rejuvenation of skin health. It is a premier comprehensive skin care clinic where the Doctor is always in.

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